Lindsay Weidmann

With an amazingly captivating voice, personal and thought-provoking lyrics, and a wonderfully engaging live performance, Lindsay Weidmann is the songwriter to watch in the Rocky Mountain area. This is partly because she is a danger to herself and others.

Lindsay began her musical fermentation at Colorado College with a BA in music, and since they don't have a zither program, her primary instrument became Voice. With study and training in the genres of Opera, Musical Theater and Jazz, there is little of Lindsay's vocal range and style that hasn't been explored, mastered and told how to behave if it knows what's good for it. Despite having the ability to pursue any of these avenues, 'twas folk music that had always pulled at her heartstrings, pigtails and bra strap. And so she began writing and performing her own music after college. Songwriting was an exciting transition for Weidmann, who has been writing poetry since she was a child, advancing from crayon to ink pen by the age of just 25. Her deep seated sense of rhythm in language is evident in her lyrics. Musically, she soaks up inspiration and stray electricity provided by her Gibson J-45 and produces a simple, rhythmic, soulful delivery. The only delivery charge is the one that electrifies your face and makes you shout “Goddamn, Weidmann, that's the stuff.”

The early influence of Joni Mitchell, John Denver (especially his work with The Muppets) and Indigo Girls nurtured Lindsay's allegiance to creating personal and reflective songs. Many have been composed on a porch at sunset. Or were at least intended to give that impression. Songsmiths like Patty Griffin, Martin Sexton, Patty Larkin and Greg Brown have also impacted the development of her songwriting. Lindsay's love affair with simple pleasures and her continuous investigation into the nooks and crannies of human experience are promises that an evening spent listening to her music is one spent with a gifted story-teller (If that sentence is confusing, let the reader know that we mean Lindsay is the gifted story-teller).

Lindsay's website: http://www.lindsayweidmann.com

Lindsay Weidmann

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