Rick Stahl

Rick Stahl began his performing and recording career early in life releasing his first record, "Shady Lane", on the historic IMPACT label at age 17. He then went on to play in several popular bands in his native city of Detroit. Eventually Rick began traveling and performing as a solo artist, stylizing popular songs and forgotten favorites along with his well received originals.

This engaging performer with his soft yet energetic vocal style has delighted audiences from large concert stages and popular show lounges to intimate coffee house settings. Rick has appeared on show bills with many popular artists including Neil Diamond, Chuck Berry, The Fifth Dimension, Leon Russell, Charlie McLain, Johnny Rodriguez, Procol Harum, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger and Dr. John. He has several television performances to his credit as well as various live radio concert broadcasts.

Currently available are two CDs of Rick’s original songs. “Clear Blue Sky” showcases his earlier material with a full band production and the more recent “This Is...” features Rick at his acoustic best. He also appears on the oldies collection “The Best Of IMPACT Records” and ”Last Night Out”, a live archive CD of the legendary1960s Detroit band, the Wilson Mower Pursuit.

Although Rick also has a great deal of experience as a graphic artist and an audio engineer, he always returns to his first love - performing live for his audience. So get ready for a memorable evening of folk songs, rockers and ballads from this talented veteran entertainer.

Rick's website: http://www.rickstahl.com

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