Barry Beard

I remember taking my son to an exhibition put on by professional skateboarders. The skaters could do some amazing things, but for every awesome trick they pulled off, they maybe missed four. I feel like in a way that describes me . . . sometimes I can put out some decent stuff and sometimes I crash big time . . . hope you catch me at a good moment. I have written some things, but presently I've been enjoying more playing the harmonies that other folks have written. I consider it a great honor to be among the talented folks selected to participate in this project and I hope that Positively Pikes Peak is judged to indeed be a tribute worthy of Mr. Bob Dylan.
Lindsay Weidmann

Ted Shinn

Andrew de Naray

Jeff Moats

Randy Ruebsamen

Rick Stahl

Steele Diamond Louis & Hall

Jeremy Hodges

Heather Gunn

Barry Beard

Bill W.

Ryan Kulp

Jason Bennett