Ted Shinn

Ted Shinn has written or arranged & produced NINETEEN of his own albums plus the following single: (Ted will never stop creating or releasing music!)

1. On The Riverline (1992)
2. Happy Birthday Little King! (1993)
3. The Silver Swan (1994)
4. Thirteen Moons (1996)
5. Side Three (1996)
6. With My Friends (1996)
7. Speechless (1998)
8. Peace At Last (1998)
9. Natural Order (1999)
10. Terraces (2000)
11. Summerland Featuring Laura Newman (2009)
12. In Orbit With Laura Newman (2009)
13. Christmas Cabaret (2001)
14. Gems (2005)
15. Healing Frequencies (2008)
16. Blue Cup (2009)
17. Western Sky with Eddie Three Eagles (2009)
18. Lonely Drive Home (2009)
19. Cloud Nine (2010)
20. Pyramid Experience (Single 2010)

Ted Shinn received top songwriting award for the "Jazz" Category for the 1995 Seventh Annual Billboard Song Contest for the song "Sound Susan's Horn" from "The Silver Swan.".. He has also achieved a NUMBER ONE song position with "Stardancer" from "In Orbit With Laura Newman" on MP3's crossover charts in January 2000. Ted simultaneously has had more than a dozen songs in the top twenty that same month.

Ted has been distributed nationally to over 250,000 people by MP3 compilation entitled "103 Of The Best Songs You've Never Heard, Vol. 2" in the fall of 1999

CDBaby carries twelve of my albums for purchase, plus my single and they're at: www.cdbaby.com/all/tedshinn

Ted's official website is: www.tedshinn.net

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