Randy Ruebsamen

I'm most recognized for playing electric guitar. I perform regularly supporting other artists. In many of the projects I've been involved in I've been a lead vocalist and songwriter as well. I grew up playing rock, blues, southern rock, new wave, funk, and fusion. My main influences come from those genres, but I enjoy many diverse styles of music.

My real passion is writing, recording, and performing original music. The energy exchange that happens with a live audience is magic. I love songs that come from the heart and move people in a heartfelt way. I produce and record other artist's whenever I have the opportunity.

I work out of the studio I designed and built known as inVisible Art. My past experience in building, woodworking, art, and drafting has been a huge asset in the process. But the studio wouldn’t be what it is today without great friends who were willing to lend a hand.

My best work is yet to come, God willing.

Randy's website: http://www.randamen.com

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