Steele Diamond Louis & Hall

STEELE DIAMOND LOUIS & HALL are a more recent band with not so recent members of Colorado's musical family. All front men of some of the most well known bands in Colorado, SDLH is comprised of John Michael Steele ( The Riders), Doc Diamond ( Contraband), Mike Louis ( The Verdict), & Rikki Dee Hall ( The Voodoo Hawks).

The combination of talent, skill, and a mastery of their craft that only comes with the amount of time these men have been on stage has pushed SDLH to the forefront of the music in Colorado. Unbeatable harmonies, perfect time, and some of the best solo guitarists in their genre is the rock on which this band leans. Along with legendary drummer, Rosendo Rodriguez, this band has become a Colorado favorite.

Collectively and individually, the members of SDLH have worked with such legendary performers as Tab Benoit, Leon Russell, Savoy Brown, Grand Funk Railroad, Hot Tuna & Marshall Tucker to name a few. For a more complete list, see ROAD BUDDIES.

In the short time this group has been together they have broken attendance records of almost every venue they have performed in. Experiencing SDLH live is similar to throwing the greatest party you've ever had and having The Beatles, CSNY, CCR, The Eagles, & The Doobie Brothers show up to join in on the festivities. Yes, it's that good. But don't take my word on it, go see them for yourself.

Website: http://sdlhband.com

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Steele Diamond Louis & Hall

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